Review: Ellis Faas Hot Lips

The newest lip formula to come from Dutch makeup-artist Ellis Faas is to die for.

My favorite, L401, because Ellis Faas does the best reds, hands down.

My favorite, L401, because Ellis Faas does the best reds, hands down.

Feather-light, hydrating, extremely pigmented, silky, and you only need the tiniest bit. It’s housed in a sleek bullet-inspired click-pen with a flocked “doe-foot” applicator. The scent is very slightly vanilla, but it dissipates quickly. As someone who can’t stand a flavored lip product, this is perfect.  It smells pleasant, but I can’t taste it.

It’s basically everything I wanted Lip Tar to be, but better, as these stay put without drying and don’t bleed.

The shades all have an almost neon quality to them, except the nude, which leans plummy, and can be worn as a sheer stain or full-on.

Box and Swatches

Box and Swatches

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6 Responses to Review: Ellis Faas Hot Lips

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’m going to come into the store so you can help me pick a color!

  2. dana says:

    That is a great red! Not too much blue. Who does your brows????

    • merrady says:

      Thank you Dana! My brows are 90% makeup at this point, but some credit is due to Tonya Crooks, the Brow Gal. I use all of her brow products, and she last shaped them. She’s kind of a wizard. I highly recommend her.

  3. Gem Remedy says:

    Oh and I am so glad you are doing a blog and sharing with us all your amazing tips, tricks and knowledge about beauty!

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