Review: Clayspray Brightening Masque and H20spray

Clayspray is a new range of clay masks utilizing a patented double chamber air-tight delivery system. The pure clays are emulsified with mineral water and a special macrogel which holds 800x its weight in water, creating an exceptionally smooth clay mask dispensed from a small pump on a slim metal canister.

Clayspray PackagingClayspray Nozzles

So basically, they’re clay masks in spray cans with no parabens, perfume, preservatives, or colourants. They’re also hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. There are several formulas with different properties, as well as a pure mineral water spray you can use pre-mask, or to hydrate any time of the day.

The name is a bit misleading. Miss “I don’t read directions” over here attempted to mist the mask all over the back of her hand, and got clay EVERYWHERE. Instructions say to “dispense into your hand”, and I would like to expand this to “dispense into the cupped palm of your hand.”

The pump dispenses a dollop of product super fast, so you need to press and release the pump gently and  quickly. Even the H20spray has a very powerful mist, so hold it at least 2 feet from your face.

I misted all over with the H20spray, then massaged the Brightening White Clay With Ginseng Masque (meant to oxygenate and exfoliate) all over my slightly damp skin. I left it on about 15-20 minutes, and it dried very firm. The scent is neither pleasant, nor unpleasant, as there’s no perfume.

Clayspray Brightening

I rinsed in the shower, and voila! Radiant skin! My pores were refined, my texture smooth, but what really got me was the glow of my skin. Not the glow of exfoliation (though that was there, too), but the glow you get after an hour of steam and massage in a facial. An almost rosy, dare I say, healthy glow.

I’m not usually drawn to clay masks in the dry winter, but this perked my dull skin right up without stripping it. Trigger-happy pumps aside, this is going into regular rotation. I can’t wait to try the rest of them.

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