Review: RMS Living Luminizer & Buriti Bronzer

RMS Contour and Highlight


This organic bronzer/luminizer combo might just be the holy grail of contouring and highlighting.

RMS Bronzer and Luminizer

First let’s talk Living Luminizer. It’s RMS’s biggest seller for a reason. The perfect amount of glow without looking frosty. A friend was LITERALLY convinced I was pregnant. “You’re glowing!!!” “It’s the makeup.” Gets really close to my face squinting, “No…it’s not makeup, you’re definitely glowing.”

Somewhere between the texture of a cream blush and a lip balm, the luminizer stays moist to the touch, but not sticky. You can use it to highlight in the obvious places (inner eye, brow bone, cupid’s bow, tops of cheekbones), but you can also mix this directly in with your concealer to brighten, wear on your eyelids for a dewy glow, or mix into your lip colors to change their tone. It’s the quickest way to fake sleep and moisture that I know of.

The Buriti Bronzer is a newer launch from RMS. It’s like the luminizer’s bronze twin. Very similar consistency, though it dries down much more. There’s not a hint of orange. It’s almost got a taupe-y quality to it with a subtle sheen. This is a minimalist’s dream as you can throw it in your bag and apply it anywhere. I love using this along the cheekbones, around my hairline, along the sides of my nose, and as an eyeshadow crease color. It’s also a fantastic highlighter for those with deeper skin tones.

Shown sheer and full pigment in both natural light and flash.

Shown sheer and full pigment in both natural light and flash.


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