Hair: Shag Haircut


I’m obsessed with changing my hair. This time I channeled Mick Jagger and David Bowie, going for bangs and sort of a shag cut. At first I panicked (how on earth do I style this crazy hair??), but now I love it. Props to  my cousin and stylist Rachel Price at Salon Murazo in Camarillo for always humoring my hair whims and doing such a fab job.

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Review: RMS Living Luminizer & Buriti Bronzer

RMS Contour and Highlight


This organic bronzer/luminizer combo might just be the holy grail of contouring and highlighting.

RMS Bronzer and Luminizer

First let’s talk Living Luminizer. It’s RMS’s biggest seller for a reason. The perfect amount of glow without looking frosty. A friend was LITERALLY convinced I was pregnant. “You’re glowing!!!” “It’s the makeup.” Gets really close to my face squinting, “No…it’s not makeup, you’re definitely glowing.”

Somewhere between the texture of a cream blush and a lip balm, the luminizer stays moist to the touch, but not sticky. You can use it to highlight in the obvious places (inner eye, brow bone, cupid’s bow, tops of cheekbones), but you can also mix this directly in with your concealer to brighten, wear on your eyelids for a dewy glow, or mix into your lip colors to change their tone. It’s the quickest way to fake sleep and moisture that I know of.

The Buriti Bronzer is a newer launch from RMS. It’s like the luminizer’s bronze twin. Very similar consistency, though it dries down much more. There’s not a hint of orange. It’s almost got a taupe-y quality to it with a subtle sheen. This is a minimalist’s dream as you can throw it in your bag and apply it anywhere. I love using this along the cheekbones, around my hairline, along the sides of my nose, and as an eyeshadow crease color. It’s also a fantastic highlighter for those with deeper skin tones.

Shown sheer and full pigment in both natural light and flash.

Shown sheer and full pigment in both natural light and flash.


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Style: Vintage Ombre Lace Dress

Vintage Lace Dress


This delicate vintage lace dress from India makes me feel like an urban fairy. It also makes me feel likes my legs are super pale, but that’s neither here nor there. I can’t help if it’s randomly sweltering in the middle of winter. I like to wear a massive crystal pendant with it for ultimate good witch effect.

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Look of the Day: Organic RMS Promise Does it All

RMS Promise

When wearing a teal ombre lace trapeze dress, I think it’s best to keep the makeup soft and touchable. Here I use RMS lip2cheek in Promise, a warm rose-brown, as my eyeshadow, cheek color, and lip color. This soft, romantic palette would be a great look for every day, a first date or even a very natural bride. You could amp it up with darker liner and lashes for bridal.


RMS “un” cover-up 11
Chanel loose Powder 20
RMS Promise on cheeeks
RMS Buriti Bronzer in cheekbones and around hairline
RMS Living Luminizer highlighter on cheekbones, inner eyes and cupid’s bow


Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder 02
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel
Browgal Brow Gel


RMS Promise all over lid and crease set lightly with loose powder (the lip2cheek is a bit more moist, so it it helps to set it, though it isn’t a must)
Sunday Riley French Press eyeshadow applied with dampened liner brush as eyeliner
Ellis Faas Black mascara


MAC lip pencil in Oak
RMS Promise mixed with a little “un”cover-up 11 for a slightly nude version

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Style: Vintage Floral Frida Dress

Frida Dress with Puppy

My memories of last summer are all wildly floral 60’s dresses and tiny adorable puppies. So, a note to Los Angeles, let’s be done with this schizophrenic weather. I want beanies and boots, or full technicolor summer dreams.

Frida Dress

Dress and necklace both from top secret favorite consignment shop in Utah! I buy half the store every time I go. Ok ok, it’s called Consignment Circuit. If you’re at Sundance this week, it’s well worth a visit. xo

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Look of the Day: RMS Solar Reverse Cateye

Look of the Day Solar Reverse Cateye Lids

Look of the Day Solar Reverse Cateye

It was 85° in Los Angeles today. I celebrated with RMS cream shadow in Solar, the perfect shade of gold, with a reverse cateye in brown to sass it up a little.


RMS “un” cover-up 11
Chanel loose Powder 20
NARS blush Silvana
RMS Living Luminizer highlighter on cheekbones, inner eyes and cupid’s bow


Browgal #3 Brow Pencil
Browgal Brow Gel to set
Browgal Duo Pencil #1 matte end under brow


RMS Solar all over lid, into crease, blended into large wing shape with ring finger
Tarte brown eyeliner along lower lashline, flicked up, and on the very corner of upper lashline
NARS Galapagos Eyeshadow setting brown pencil
Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black


MAC lip pencil in Oak
Vincent Longo lipstick Pure Demure

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Game Changer: RMS “un” cover-up

RMS "un" cover-up 11I’ve dealt with bad skin since I was a teenager. I was on Accutane in high school, and Tazorac (retinol) later. I’ve tried eliminating dairy, gluten, and sugar with no significant change. My pores were always clogged no matter what. Having bad skin is one reason why I got into makeup, but I’ve come a long way since my Max Factor foundation stick days.

I finally got wise to the effects of mineral oils and silicones on the skin. They create a plastic bag effect, coating the skin, and making it impossible to perform its most basic functions. I cleaned up my skin care, but foundation proved a huge challenge. My only options were mineral powders or one liquid foundation from Sue Devitt that did nothing for me. I am not a crunchy makeup girl. I want flawless, gorgeous skin with no compromises. And then I found RMS.

Based on raw organic coconut oil (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial), it actually heals and improves skin the more you wear it. It can be used by someone who hates makeup sparingly around their eyes, nose, or on spots, or someone like me can apply it all over, then build where more coverage is needed. The pigment is mineral and self-adjusts on the skin. This is a great option for active skin like mine, mature dry skin, and oily skin. Oily skin-types can even skip moisturizer and use this on its own.

It comes in a .20 oz frosted glass jar, and has no discernible fragrance. This tiny pot has lasted me over 3 months, and I still have at least a month left. Crazy.

This is my skin at its most hormonal, and straight from doing a scrub in a very hot shower. So, peak blotchiness and spottiness. This is the worst my skin ever looks sans makeup, which is a HUGE improvement on my full-blown acneic skin I was used to.

RMS “un” cover-up 11 on the right half of my face only.

This is my skin at its most hormonal, and straight from doing a scrub in a very hot shower. So, peak blotchiness and spottiness. It actually looks much calmer than this normally. I’ve applied only the RMS “un” cover-up in 11 to the right side my face, and you can see how dramatically it calms and evens the skin tone, brightens around the eyes, and covers spots.

This makeup comes in 5 shades: 00, 11, 22, 33, and 44. I haven’t gotten to see the 00 yet, but I’ve swatched the rest. I currently wear the 11, but use 22 in the summer.

Natural light and flash

Natural light and flash

While it’s recommended to apply this with your fingers, I typically use a buffing brush, pat in with my fingertips, then fine tune with a small concealer brush. I find it essential to set with a bit of loose powder for longevity, but that’s true for any cream/liquid on my combination skin.

Now that I wear the RMS “un” cover-up, I literally can’t use anything else. It looks like heaven and my skin is dramatically clearer. I have a drawer of foundations languishing in my vanity because every time I use something else I can literally see the makeup sitting on my skin, and I hate it. Many makeup artists and models are hooked because it photographs so gorgeously. Very highly recommended.

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